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Last day ski costumes

There was a day when wearing a costume to hit the mountain was a bi weekly event.

I’d don a tiara and tutu on a random wednesday just because. I had a drawer in my closet dedicated to dressing up and in there you’d find funky scarves, and old Halloween… READ MORE

By | Apr 14, 2014

Easter Sunday on Snow

Easter Sunday is April 20th—will you and your family be on an end-of-season ski trip?

Growing up in Tahoe, I have fond memories of hunting for Easter eggs in the snow as a child. We’ve done our best to continue this tradition with our own kids, despite the fact that… READ MORE

By | Apr 10, 2014

Ski Girls Rock with Lindsey Vonn

My daughter loves Lindsey Vonn. Loves. She tries to channel the Olympic champ while skiing, she follows her racing success, she brags about living in the same valley as her idol. Cassidy is an outgoing nine-year-old, was born and raised in Colorado, and in the last week of March, she… READ MORE

By | Apr 8, 2014

Trail Mix Cookies

In my ideal world, cookies would be health food. I am a self proclaimed cookie addict and have been known to enjoy them for breakfast with my coffee and much to the dismay of my mother, I eat them whenever the mood strikes. Unfortunately for my blood sugar and waistline,… READ MORE

By | Apr 3, 2014

Teaching Little Kids to Snowboard

Who says toddlers can’t snowboard? Sure, the Pampers pull-ups might restrict mobility some, but that’s really the only thing holding them back. With new advancements in instruction and gear kids three years old (sometimes younger) are learning to ride at Burton’s Riglet Parks, from Northstar… READ MORE

By | Mar 29, 2014

Meet Lindsey Vonn at Beaver Creek

If you could ask Olympian Lindsey Vonn one thing, what would it be? Even better, what if your daughter could meet this skiing phenom and see for herself what a real life professional athlete and role model is like? If that sounds interesting, sign up now for the final day of Lindsey Vonn’s Ski Girls Rock at Beaver Creek this coming Saturday, March 29.

By | Mar 27, 2014